NeoGenesis Rx

NeoGenesis is an Australian medical grade skincare range that is designed to treat all skin concerns, especially inflammatory skin conditions, which are a big problem in this country.  

NeoGenesis is exceptional value for money and utilises the very best in Proven Applied Science to effectively treat pigmentation, fine lines, acne and rosacea while enhancing skin smoothness, softness and firmness. 

The company consciously delivers healthier and safer solutions without any: Parabens, SLS, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, artificial colouring or scents and is free of sulphates.

The range is also wholeheartedly cruelty free.

I have been using this range for 7 years both personally and in treatments and it is one of the most effective brands I have worked with.  I have seen true skin transformation with my clients. It has an extremely powerful and non-irritating, naturally derived form on Vitamin A which is truly remarkable. It changed my skin completely and I could never turn back.